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Day trip to Essaouira, Itinerary


This excursion day will allow you to have an enjoyable experience in Morocco. You will leave from Marrakech toward the Ourika Valley. 


  • Enjoy a full day in Essaouira.
  • Discover Mogador, a Portuguese heritage.


A day trip to Essaouira, also known as Mogador. It is a city that reminds us of the time of the battles with Spain, Portugal, and England for control of its coasts. The city has much to offer, among its attractions we find the characteristic port with vivid examples of Moorish and Portuguese art. Essaouira is also known for the artists who work with thuja wood, for its detachment from money, for its islands and its port, and for the museums of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abd Allah. Origin of the name Mogador: The main influence of the Moorish culture is the Islamism that the Arabs introduced in North Africa. They exported their civilization during the 7th century. The Alawite dynasty, which claims to be descended from the Prophet Muhammad, has ruled Morocco since 1649. Mogador presents itself as an important crossroads of cultures, connecting the Haha Berbers and the Chiadma Arabs. During the Middle Ages, historians describe the site as a fortified village, a winter refuge for sailors on the Amkdour River (Oued Ksob). In 1506, the King of Portugal D. Manuel I ordered the construction of a fortress in Mogador, known as “Castelo Real de Mogador”, however, the Portuguese occupied Mogador for only 19 years. From then on the place was controlled by the locals. During the 16th century, different powers, including Spain, England, Holland, and France, tried in vain to conquer the city of Mogador. Its geographical location is ideal in relation to the North Atlantic winds. Mogador prospered from the triangular trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas between the 17th and 19th centuries. Merchandise and slaves traveled in caravans from sub-Saharan Africa, passing through Mogador, a city that already had its own export of sugar and molasses from the Middle Ages until the 17th century. The Europeans also introduced fabrics from the old continent and tea from China. Essaouira is said to have been a haven for pirate ships to anchor. At the end of the day trip to Essaouira, we get back to Marrakech. 
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  • Transporte en 4×4 o minibus
  • Conductor
  • Combustible
  • Traslados desde el aeropuerto y la vuelta
  • Excursión en camellos
  • Noche en haimas con cena y desayuno
  • Hoteles en media pensión: Cena y Desayuno


  • Comida del mediodía
  • Bebidas
  • Entradas
  • Propinas y lo que no está en el programa
  • Billetes de avión


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